January 9 signs astrology

Sale or no sale, you will have a one-point agenda — buy them all. You will almost buy a vehicle or a house. Business is doing good, and there should be no problem related to money, but there is a limit to what one can buy — a limit that you will definitely flout. When like-minded people come together, a lot of good things happen. And when the group happens to be as trustworthy as it is brilliant, it is sheer magic, says Ganesha.

Today, in all probability, you will be at the beneficial end of a luminous meeting of minds. End this fulfilling day on a more personal note by treating your sweetheart to a bit of extravagance.

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So what if it costs you a small fortune; in love, all is fair! Ganesha foresees you up the ante today.

You will set new limits for yourself and break existing barriers today. The afternoon may see you being alarmed about the health of your finances. Trivial matters will spoil your spirits, but attain the next level by spending the evening in spiritual well-being.

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Today, you will entertain and keep people around you amused with your wit and intelligence. That shouldn't be too hard for you, considering you have plenty of both. Intangible benefits may arise out of your social contacts at work, as you will be the number one troubleshooter today. You will understand the importance of creating a divide between your personal and professional life, feels Ganesha.

On the professional front, your diligence and commitment to work will bring praise and benefits. Later in the evening, you will celebrate your success with your sweetheart. A candlelit dinner and some champagne will be the icing on the cake. Wield the baton and conduct proceedings today, says Ganesha.

You may enrol yourself in a personality development course to hone your skills. But a small, out-of-synch, unexpected chord may spoil the sonata for you today. But remember, there is always hope.

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You know your cards well, now it all depends upon how you play them to your advantage and boost your business, feels Ganesha. You have an efficient team working for you, but you will need to examine their talents without any biases. If they perform well in absolute terms, you can expect the productivity you require from them, today.

You may get a chance to fulfill some promises today. Those of you in the legal profession will find things going well for them.

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You aim to excel in whatever you do, and if nothing else, you will derive huge work satisfaction. Some good news by afternoon will lighten the day, says Ganesha. Keeping a tab on your expenses ought to be a priority today. Learning to distinguish between your needs and your wants will be vital if you wish to avoid unnecessary extravagances, which you will invariably end up regretting later, says Ganesha. Say goodbye to stressful persons and situations, at least for today, if you can. Virgo, tackle your to do list one step at a time.

You might be tempted to go full force early this morning, but pace yourself instead. Forgive yourself if you feel like you fall short in getting everything done that you wanted to do.

Look deeper into how you're doing things and encourage mindfulness throughout the day. Doodle a thoughtful quote.

Let yourself be fully engaged in conversations, and don't rush things. Libra, today is a day for lots of yes, positive affirmations will be your best friend. If you have the chance, say yes to the power nap, and yes to going off the beaten path. Allow yourself room to experiment with a few changes that invite positive flow and fresh energy into your day. Scorpio, let love be the guiding force to your day. Focus on the things that you love to do and what loves you back. There may be a delay in something or seeing someone but let yourself focus on the wait as being a good thing as it gives you time to reflect and appreciate its arrival in a stronger way.

Try something new today that expresses a side of you that you don't often explore. Sagittarius, if you're looking for answers, you'll find them today. Prayer gets answered sooner than you expected. A gift or resource you need is received. Someone you trust will be there to help you along a journey.

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Capricorn, family is important today. You may find yourself depending on a trusted friend or family member for emotional support or spiritual guidance.

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There's a delay in a project or plans and it sets you on a new path. You may find that differences of opinion are more apparent, but that your uniqueness is what really stands out to you. Aquarius, decisions need to be addressed today.

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Don't let a decision on an important matter sit for too long less you miss out on an opportunity. If you haven't dedicated the time to think and research what you needed, do so soon. Today is also a good day for finishing a project or an important conversation that you started. Pisces, love comes in different manifestations today. You may find yourself caught up in distractions but there can be an energy of love throughout the day if that's what you focus us.

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