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Ovid has Orpheus sing the tale. Aquarius is a winter constellation in the northern hemisphere, found near Pisces and Cetus.

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It is especially notable as the radiant for four meteor showers, the largest of which is the Delta Aquarid meteor shower in late July and early August. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the astrological sign. For the astronomical constellation, see Aquarius constellation.

The Zodiac. Categories : Western astrological signs. If your birthday falls on the Sagittarius side, you appear to others as having a bright outlook on the world. But deep down, you have an emotional understanding of what is really up with people. You know it's not all sunshine and roses out there.

Aquarius Love Chart

If your birthday is on the Sagittarius side, your impulsive need for freedom gets reigned in by a natural practicality and desire for a stable and responsible life. If you were born on the Capricorn side, you're more likely to decide to go after a career that'll provide you with a solid financial future and the opportunity to make the world a better place. Instead of just wanting to fit in in an orthodox way, by say, climbing to the top of a corporate ladder, you're likely to want to stand out in a unique way. If you were born on the Aquarius side, you take everything a little more seriously than the typical Aquarius, a sign that usually has the ability to remain more detached.

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You feel an innate sense of responsibility in life, and you take your responsibilities seriously. If your birthday is on the Aquarius side, you are more likely to have a hard time distinguishing your own thoughts from your daydreams, as the two are likely to be fused together. If your birthday falls on the Pisces side, you're able to visualize your dreams and intuitions more sharply and see your goals more clearly.

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If your birthday is on the Pisces side, you'll find that you are bolder than a typical Pisces, ready to take your dreams and turn them into action. Where most Pisces prefer to just dream about their goals, you want to actually make something out of them.

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If your birthday is on the Aries side, you'll find you're a little more sensitive to others than a typical Aries, and you're slightly less sure of yourself. By Rosey Baker.

Strong, hard-working, predicting — they can skilfully adapt to the situation and conditions. They show artistic abilities and a love for everything that is new.

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They feel energized with the longing for changes and reforms they would like to see introduced everywhere. Full of enthusiasm and decisiveness — they are impulsive and easily fall to extremes. They strive to stand at the front and rule at every turn. They feel happy only when they can follow their own ideas and projects in life, and execute their own will.

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It should be admitted that they are very skillful at forming their plans, and their unusual intuition makes it easy for them to foresee the results of their every action, as well as of the undertakings of other people. But they cannot always be a good executor themselves — so it would sometimes be better if they limited themselves just to forming projects and left implementing them to other people.