Love compatibility between aquarius and aquarius

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac. It is a Masculine, Fixed, Positive, Air sign.

People born between January 20 and February 18 are ruled by Uranus, the planet of invention and the great awakener. It makes Aquarians unpredictable, erratic and eccentric. These individuals exhibit quirky behavior and trying to guess what runs in their minds is nearly impossible. Aquarians are restless people and need different avenues to bring their imaginations to life. Rules and fixed patterns make them uneasy.

These people are at their best when freedom is always within reach.

Aquarians are gifted with a cheery disposition. Their easygoing personality wins them multitude of friends. They love to give joy and be surrounded by friends who share the same outlook in life. Negative people and scenarios are toxic to them. They find it hard to cope with stress and drama. Flight is usually their solution when facing emotional dilemma. It is not surprising that Aquarians retreat from reality more often than the other signs.

They need to plenty of quiet time alone and only resurface when their optimism level is fully charged again. Aquarians value their freedom highly so they seek partners who will love them but give them a lot of space. Getting to know them is quite challenging so the best route to their hearts is thru the friendship road. This way, the relationship will have room to grow and progress to the next level.

They do not want to be rushed into love. They match well with open-minded, independent, intelligent and adventurous people. Aquarians will clash with dominating, needy and possessive partners. Aquarius woman is very independent, charming and strong-willed. She has a mind of her own and is brave enough to go against the norm. She is an affectionate soul who has a long list of friends.

6 Things BOUND To Happen When An Aquarius Dates Another Aquarius

However, this lady finds it difficult to connect emotionally with others, so her intimate relationships take time to build. One needs a lot of patience to understand and get to know her. Aquarius-born are also highly compassionate and often found doing charity work or volunteering their time whenever they can. Having a partner who would happily join you as they share those values is a great boon towards compatibility as there will be no resentment for time spent helping others.

One of the primary compatibility struggles for this pair is their emotional distance. Aquarius women and men can be on the elusive side, and often intentionally avoid emotional investment and commitment. This is why two water-bearers who end up interested in each other could, unfortunately, spend a lifetime never growing beyond a friendship. On a more positive note, their enjoyment of intellectual partners and someone who can relate to them means any twin match is extremely promising. The water-bearer will not tolerate being bored or stuck in an endless routine.

Luckily, as Aquarius-born are creative and strive to be unique, that is another issue that disappears in this pairing. As an Aquarius man or woman, you can be confident that you will never find a more compatible partner who treasures and respects your individuality and freedom like a fellow Aquarius does. This match comes with its cons, but the benefits of an Aquarius woman and man pairing are more than worth it to those who can ultimately make it work.

Despite seeming almost shy at times, Aquarius-born are extremely extroverted individuals. You value time spent alone to brainstorm or collect your thoughts, but in the end, you will always flock to people who interest and inspire you. Best believe that there are few people who will interest you more than a fellow Aquarius. The compassion and love for helping all make the water-bearer a truly treasured friend and dependable partner. While Aquarius men and women rarely lack dozens of friends to call their own, they also tend to keep them at a distance.

A close friendship with an Aquarius is hard to obtain — and even harder to maintain if you end up changing too much for them.

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Aquarius women and men make fantastic friends with each other, and they will be hard-pressed to find anyone to fill that role in the same way. The innate creativity and adventurousness of Aquarius-born will make sexual intimacy exciting and fresh every time. As relatively passive signs, you will have to actively work to keep the passion and strong bond with your partner from fading away.

This means that marriages and other long-term relationships with true commitments are unlikely to be left floundering around until they ultimately fail. Your best shot at success depends on your realization that you both share the same weaknesses and must work together to cultivate these into strengths.

Aquarius Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility | Keen

Make this your conviction, your cause to fight for, and you will never find yourself wanting. In occupations where Aquarius-born are functioning as the problem solvers or fulfilling a creative component, disagreements can be fierce and Aquarius-born do not back down. Beyond the potential for a clash of creativity, you will only find hard-working employees who stay well away from drama and other distractions. The water-bearer performs best when able to tackle tasks alone with no interference, and you can count on him or her to always have work completed expediently.

You can try to compromise, but you'll only end up short-changing your natural gifts. Aquarius rules the zodiac's eleventh house of friends and society; he's the unofficial mayor wherever he goes, and is meant to spread himself among the people.

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Homebody Taurus has much more earthbound goals. Neither of you will get the satisfaction you crave unless you work hard to compromise. This match of compatible Air signs can feel a bit like high school romance—teasing, texting, movie dates with jumbo popcorn and licentious groping during the previews. You bring out each other's breezy, buoyant spirits, and that's a plus. You'll bond over TV shows, favorite sci-fi novels and superheroes, obscure philosophers, music.

With your clever comebacks and verbal repartee, you could take a comedy act on the road. Although you can both be overly cerebral at times, you prefer laughter and light conversation to emotional melodrama. Eventually, though, you need to get out of the shallow end of the pool. Intimacy is a challenge for your signs. We're talking true intimacy—being caught with your pants down and no clue how to get them back up. Telling each other your entire life stories in monologue form which could have happened on the first date doesn't count. You must soldier through the post-infatuation "awkward phase," or you'll end up feeling like buddies.

That would be a shame, as you can make excellent life partners and playmates. The biggie: you'll both need to give up fibs and lies—particularly lies of omission.

Aquarius and Aquarius Table of Contents

You're excellent storytellers and politicos, gifted at crafting a spin to fit your agenda. However, the naked truth is the only way out of the Matrix. Though it may topple your PR-friendly public image, it's a necessary risk you must take to build the character and depth of a lasting commitment.

This oddball match is as fascinating and perplexing as a Proenza Schouler pump—and like the highbrow fashion house, few understand its power. Here we have Cancer, sentimental and family-oriented, possessive, anchored by deep roots and tradition. Mix in Aquarius, the sci-fi nomad, a butterfly escaping the net of convention, laughing with you and at you all at once. How on earth…? This is a coupling that doesn't happen often, and for good reason.

Cool Aquarius doesn't need much affection, and Cancer withers without physical touch.

The Crab clutches his loved ones in powerful pincers, and scuttles after Aquarius, practically begging for love. Naturally, free-spirited Aquarius feels smothered and trapped by these demands for intimacy, and constructs little trap doors everywhere—a basketball team, a drama class, a post on city council. Yet, when wounded Cancer withdraws into his shell, Aquarius is suddenly intrigued. Where did my lifeline go? What Aquarius takes for granted is Cancer's loyalty, which can resemble a mother's love for her troubled teen.

The Crab can see the vulnerable child underneath the surly bravado. Beyond that, you owe each other a karmic debt so profound, you can't even articulate it.