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More like building a foundation to support them as they grow and evolve. Take time to put systems in place that will work for you now and into the future. This spring is all about building, Pisces. Tap into your well of high ideals and set out to form a brave new world. Your natural curiosity and creativity are heightened now, so dream big and be willing to take risks for growth.

Skip to content. Aries - 7 of Cups Let your outwardly fiery nature take a back seat to your emotional core, Aries.

Tarot Card Meanings

Power crystal: Peacock Ore. Taurus - Queen of Swords Let your heart sing, Taurus - literally. Power crystal: Aquamarine. Power crystal: Labradorite. Cancer - Queen of Pentacles Lean into your instincts, Cancer, and let your emotions guide you as you create the world you want to live in.

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Power crystal: Aventurine. Power crystal: Fluorite. Power crystal: Moonstone. Power crystal: Rhodonite.


Scorpio - The Star Your ability to dive deep into the collective consciousness serves you well this spring, Scorpio. Power crystal: Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal. Sagittarius - The World Your distaste for routine is a great asset this spring, Sagittarius. Power crystal: Black Tourmaline. Power crystal: Emerald. Aquarius - 8 of Swords Your big dreams are ready for some structure, Aquarius.

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Power crystal: Garnet. Pisces - Page of Pentacles This spring is all about building, Pisces. Power crystal: Pyrite. Share this article. Recommended by Melinda Lee Holm. Beauty Crystals: your guide to what they do and how to use them. Life Do dreams really carry meaning? Sharpen your radar to new news, people who can support or advise you, chances to show your commitment to your desires and invitations or events which look inspiring.

In short: focus on a dream, and go look for opportunity to make it happen.

Tough cards, Gemini, in the shape of the Five of Coins and Swords. The good news here is that, even though it feels uncomfortable at times, Justice shows you will be vindicated here. You will 'win', though it may not feel like it, and truth and light will prevail. So, play nice, be fair, stop arguing or agitating… let karma take care of them, you just look after you! It will all be alright in the end, just get through this little bit first. The King of Coins sees you taking on the demeanour of an older, wiser, thankful and optimistic sage.

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Someone who has earned their resilience and character. Have faith. Sometimes the right action is NO action, and that might be the advice from the tarot this week. The Queen of Wands is you, feeling all uppity and ready for making a move, striking out, charging forth… but the Six and Four of Swords come with a more 'chill' message.

The Four of Swords says you need to withdraw, step away, retreat and rest, in order to gain a new and clearer perspective here. Step back and distract yourself with other things. When your gaze returns here, it will be from a new angle and things will look different.

The Five of Coins shows you returning to an old crime, something you felt ashamed of and regularly, as shown by the 'bad habit' The Devil card, return to review and analyse. Get out there and distract yourself with people you love and like, and who admire and value you. Go do things you enjoy, go and socialise, travel or play. Ride out this urge to hide away and pick at a scab.

I think that a very juicy piece of gossip is going to land in your lap, as shown by the Seven of Swords and Eight of Wands, from an unexpected source this week. Oooh, lovely. Or is it? Be careful what you do with this information, Libra, because rumours are dangerous and eventually have the potential to create a nasty backlash on those who unleash them.

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Should you stop this one in its tracks? The Ten of Swords asks you to be the one to break this chain letter and remove the information from the public domain. The Seven of Coins sees you in pause mode about something.

And the Queen of Swords sees you in a rational, logical, even ruthless, frame of mind about it now. The Three of Cups shows that the end game here is bringing more fun, pleasure and lightheartedness into your life. The Fool is the first card of the tarot and the patron saint of new beginnings, ones made with great enthusiasm and optimism- even if others raise an eyebrow.

The King of Wands shows that you have made this happen by making a bold move, taking a risk, and pushing yourself into new territory.