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Refinery29 Feb 27, pm The breakout hair-color trend for spring. Refinery29 Feb 26, pm Your birthday color—according to Colorstrology. Refinery29 Feb 25, pm PLL fans! Refinery29 Feb 24, pm Lady Gaga shut down the Oscars red carpet. Refinery29 Feb 23, pm The spring haircut trend we're importing from London.

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Refinery29 Feb 20, pm 15 items we're saying goodbye to in Refinery29 Feb 19, pm Your money horoscope for is here. Refinery29 Feb 18, pm 5 French women on wearing leggings as pants. Refinery29 Feb 18, am Your horoscope for the week—the moon is on your side. Refinery29 Feb 17, pm 8 sex positions for when you just can't wait.

Refinery29 Feb 15, pm Target's new collection couldn't have come at a better time. Refinery29 Feb 13, pm Calling all booklovers! Refinery29 Feb 13, pm 17 Trader Joe's gifts better than that mystery box of chocolates. Refinery29 Feb 12, pm 22 Amazon gifts your S.

Refinery29 Feb 11, pm Jennifer Lawrence got a simple engagement ring—so now we want the same. Refinery29 Feb 11, am Your horoscope for the week—get your finances in order. Refinery29 Feb 9, pm The mid-length haircuts everyone's getting in Refinery29 Feb 5, pm What your Chinese zodiac sign says about you.

Refinery29 Feb 4, pm Your horoscope for the week—Tuesday brings a lot of emotions. Refinery29 Feb 4, pm The Amazon hidden gems millennial women keep buying. Refinery29 Feb 1, pm Your February horoscope—get ready for the 7th. Refinery29 Jan 30, pm The 10 best jobs in the U. Refinery29 Jan 29, pm 14 Ikea items you never knew existed. Refinery29 Jan 28, am Your horoscope for the week—make sure to slow down. Refinery29 Jan 26, pm 9 messy bun looks for when you literally can't with your hair.

Refinery29 Jan 24, pm 7 people with spotless homes share cleaning hacks.

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Refinery29 Jan 22, pm Your love horoscope—March is going to be exciting. Refinery29 Jan 21, pm The Amazon coat that's going viral. Refinery29 Jan 21, am Your horoscope for the week—big ideas on the horizon. Refinery29 Jan 19, pm The Trader Joe's buys everyone is obsessed with. Refinery29 Jan 18, pm Netflix just dropped 10 more new treats. Refinery29 Jan 17, pm The breakout hair-color trend of Refinery29 Jan 14, am Your horoscope for the week—Friday might be intense.

Refinery29 Jan 13, pm Your sex horoscope. Refinery29 Jan 12, pm I moved to L. Refinery29 Jan 8, pm The major haircut women are getting for Refinery29 Jan 7, pm Why you should chat about this topic with your partner RN. Refinery29 Jan 7, pm Your career horoscope is here—love what you do. Refinery29 Jan 7, am Your horoscope for the week—get your house in order. Refinery29 Jan 5, pm The 7 worst things to say to single women in Refinery29 Jan 2, pm The hair-color makeover you need. Refinery29 Dec 31, am Your horoscope for the week—the winter reset starts now. Refinery29 Dec 27, pm Gifts that are basically self-care.

Refinery29 Dec 27, pm 5 money tips to start off right. Refinery29 Dec 25, pm The motivational new adidas initiative giving us hope. KaalSarp Report.

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