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Hear Noah Levine discuss a Buddhist perspective on sex. For more mindful lectures, check out the Speakeasy series on Wanderlust TV! This week we have a waning moon until Friday and then we have a new moon in Aquarius, in your seventh house of relationships. You can set intentions for the new lunar cycle considering themes of partnerships, marriage, stability, and harmony. Any manifesting you need to do to invoke a partner, or a productive business relationship or marriage will be powerful now.

Mars, the planet of of action is moving to fellow fire sign Aries on Friday , visiting your house of higher education and mental pursuits. Expect a burst of energy behind your educational pursuits, travel plans, philosophy or religious studies. Mars brings a forcefulness, and in this part of your chart you could be more prone to risk taking and blunt talk. This illuminates your sixth house of health; set intentions for the next six months.

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Think about how you can best use your organizational skills and your gifts. And make a new plan for health, fitness, and mental well-being. Mars, the planet of action, moves to Aries on Friday , to your intense house of death and rebirth. This power planet brings energy and strength wherever he goes, so with this placement in this part of your chart, prepare for your sex life to get a boost.

Your sex drive will increase dramatically, and your romance will get steamy. Your pursuits with joining resources, with merging with a lover or a business partner, will be supported now. For this week, spend time exploring your sexual nature and embrace spiritual transformation as it unfolds. This brings your focus to your house of creativity and sexual expression. Set intentions and watch them come to fruition over the next six months. Your themes and focus will revolve around sex, artistic expression, pleasure, romance, love, and even fertility.

If having a child is something you want, now will be a great time to make that happen. The planet of will power moves home to Aries on Friday and enlivens your seventh house of relationships of all kinds. Mars is all about passion and action, and in this part of your chart you can expect your sex drive to increase, your passion as well as anger to increase, and your relationships to get spicy.

For this week, let your joy be the focus, so move toward whatever makes you happy and brings you joy. We have a waning moon all week until Friday , when we have a new moon in Aquarius, your house of home. On this day, set intentions for your life that will grow for the next six month lunar cycle. The themes that will pull at your heart include home and family, fertility, children, mothers, and place.

If you have been considering a relocation or growing your family, this would be a good time to manifest and make decisions. The planet of power, Mars, shifts to Aries on Friday , enlivening your health and wellbeing. This part of your chart deals with your health, habits, mental wellness, physical fitness, but also organization and analysis, even pets. With Mars here, there will be bold energy and passion behind everything. Set intentions to grow over the next six months for you life.

The main themes or areas of focus will be community, technology, communication , self-expression, travel, and your family. Also on Friday Mars, the fiery planet, moves to Aquarius. This shift brings a burst of energy to your house of creativity and sexual expression. Mars energy is bright, bold, aggressive and passionate, so expect your artistic talents to get a boost and also your sex drive and love life. This would be a great time to have an art show or start a romance.

It could also be a time for pregnancy. This week the moon wanes until Friday when we have a new moon in Aquarius, your financial house. As with all new moons, take time to set intentions for this new cycle that will grow over the next six months. Focus your intention setting on things like your career, income, financial security, and self-worth.

Mars, the planet of action, moves home to Aries on Friday and will bring a boost to your fourth house of home. Mars brings energy and power wherever he lands, and in your domestic sector you may expect either passion or feisty emotions to erupt at home. Any home improvements or relocations will have energy behind them. This week, consider what makes you feel at home and what in your life you keep most protected.

This is your new year initiated, with the sun and the new moon in your sign, which only happens once a year. You get a cosmic reset button so to speak, so use this magical day to set special intentions for your life; set intentions that will grow and evolve for the next six months of this lunar cycle, until the full moon in your sign. Consider your deepest desires and most heartfelt longings, what gives you energy and joy, and what occludes it. Happy solar return, Water Bearer. Mars, the action planet, shifts home to Aries on Friday to bring attention to your house of communication.


When Mars arrives to this part of your chart, expect passion, energy and power in your self-expression, with extra energy in your family interactions and even travel plans. This week you should focus entirely on yourself, you needs, wishes and desires and invoke all the magic and joy you can for your life.

This week the moon wanes until Friday when we have a new moon in Aquarius and your house of rest and reflection. The sun is also in Aquarius and this part of your chart, your twelfth house.

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Set intentions for your solar cycle coming up next, let go of any self-diminishing patterns, and get deep rest. Mars, the planet of action moves home to Aries on Friday. Since Mars is power and dynamism, he will bring energy to your second house of wealth. Want to be the best year ever? Start prepping now with your horoscope!

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Take the bad with the good, and focus primarily on going after and getting! Tonight is a prime night to go out, and could be a great day to get lucky in love. The key for today is to stop planning so hard for you, Bulls and let things unfold. There are no shortcuts, and you may have to have a few hard conversations like we said in the intro, today is a day for mondayvibes Self-care is important, and no one will do it for you.

Treat yourself, even a long, luxe shower can give you the worldview you need.

What is your Zodiac Sign if you were born on January 23. Birthday on January 23 Aquarius

Pay attention to the boring administrative details of your life so you can truly revel in love. The important thing is to take your ego out of action, especially where mistakes are concerned. Forgive yourself and figure out the best path between fixing things from the past and moving forward into the future. Vulnerability is your friend today. Today is a day to live in the spaces and silences between you and your significant other; recognizing them is the first step in making them smaller.

Pay attention to what and who your body is pulling you toward; you may find attraction brewing with someone you had never previously considered. Stop overthinking or obsessing; just go with it. Melt into your body and everything will fall into place.

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Let them in. You tend to fight emotions with practicality, but today is a great day to just allow your emotions to unfold. You want something you think is impractical.