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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope. Libra Monthly Horoscope. Virgo Monthly Horoscope. Leo Monthly Horoscope. Gemini Monthly Horoscope. When reversed, this prince can be harsh, cold, and cruel to mask the intense passions within.

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Fearing losing control, he will guard his heart like a bank safe, according to the Magick Tarot. He can want power, position, and money just for their own sake.

ARIES: Reversed 3 of Pentacles

Earth is the element of manifestation, governing the body, work, possession, and physical accomplishment. Just like a seed of a flower, there are specific seasons, and conditions that must be considered if it is to survive. The seed needs water loving attention until its roots go deep enough to find its own source of food. Therefore, stay focused and attentive so you can bring your seeds to fruition. This card often appears when we have forgotten to make our home feel vibrant and alive with social and family gatherings.

When reversed, this may be an indication that we have become too isolated, perhaps focusing too much on our primary relationship. According to the Magick Tarot, this card can also bring up jealousy or the fear of loss.


Are you holding on to a job for financial security, when you know there is more to life? Playing sports without a competitive edge, gardening, or just regular walks and talks can also be a perfect way to connect. As a male love interest, this card represents a very loyal and caring partner. Feast, dance, sing, swim, and make love to each other and the world.

You are the fertile ground for art, writing, poetry, dance, and music. You fill every project with beauty and your unique expression of truth too.

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This is due to the internal chatter asking why everything is so hard and so painful. The good news is that your internal storyteller can work with your dreams to bring about healing and change too. The Magick Tarot also suggests going deep with therapy, journaling or shamanic work to shift these negative patterns. Many times this card indicates a strong connection to the animal world, agriculture, and the preparation of food. These may be fields you need to work in or at least enjoy and experience on a regular basis.

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A tarot card reading is your answer. Tarot cards give you a direct connection to Source so you receive profound insights into your past, present, and future. Find a tarot card psychic or learn more about tarot card readings. Toggle navigation Home. Contact Copyright Privacy. Home Cancer weekly 16 to Cancer weekly 16 to 22 tarot reading december Is it high time to launch that sommelier consulting business or to seek funding for your food truck?

Your Weekly Tarot Horoscope: Week of November 11

Back up all your most important data. Taurus April May 20 Step back and review your messaging: Is your business or brand communicating effectively?

Cafe astrology. Your Horoscope. Cancer horoscope ; Astrology Zone Cancer. Free Weekly Horoscopes, Annual Forecasts; Playing sports without a competitive edge, gardening, or just regular walks and talks can also be a perfect way to connect. There's a lunar eclipse in Capricorn today!.

Cancer Weekly Tarot 3-9 September 2018 - Aquarian Insight

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November 18 horoscope gemini October 26 horoscope tlc 17 december horoscope pisces or pisces Horoscope november 14 taurus. Judgment is a powerful card about second chances, moving on to a new chapter, feeling older and wiser, and being more appreciative of the opportunities you receive. Be prepared to acknowledge your own role in any wrongdoings, and atone for your actions.

The Ace of Cups represents new beginnings—typically romantic ones. It's the start or rekindling of relationships that are passionate, romantic, inspiring and fulfilling— with the potential to renew your appreciation for life itself. Take a moment to celebrate, appreciate and reflect upon this journey and all of your hard work and often unnoticed efforts.

9 of Swords

You need to be reminded to smell the roses from time to time—like now! A new project, job, role or activity has your name written on it this week. Well, now's the time to reactivate this passion. Get to it! Take a moment to reflect on an area of life or a topic you feel you need schooling in, and instigate that for yourself this week. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Astrology.

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