Transit of venus astrology virgo

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It is quite possible that both of you may get involved in a verbal spat. If there is no dire necessity, then try to postpone the journey you are about to undertake, because this period is indicating the possibility of a mishap taking place. Chaos may also prevail in your married life. Students who are aspiring to crack civil exams may gain favourable results if they work with utter devotion and dedication.

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During its transitory motion, Venus will remain posited in the fifth house of your zodiac sign. The fifth house enlightens the natives about aspects like romance, children, creative abilities, intellect, education, and new opportunities in life. During this period, your children will respect you and shower their affection upon you. Your economic front will also improve, and it is quite possible that you gain economic prosperity in this duration. Taurus natives may also get the opportunity to win a lottery. There will be many positive changes in your lifestyle, and the social stature of natives belonging to the Taurus zodiac sign is also likely to increase.

Unemployed natives who are in search of a job may be successful in finding a job for themselves. Some of you may even get blessed with a child. This time is quite favourable for your love life, and you will find ample opportunities to spend time with your partner and romance them. Student natives born under this sign will pass their competitive exams with flying colours. On the one hand, some of you may go for a movie or picnic with your near and dear ones, on the other, your creative abilities will be at the peak during this time.

The intellectual capabilities of Taurus natives will also get enhanced while the planet Venus makes its transit in the fifth house of Taurus natives. The transit of the planet Venus will take place in the fourth house of Gemini natives. While the planet Venus remains posited in your fourth house, a long-stalled desire of yours is most likely to get fulfilled.

Your luxuries and comforts will also increase and the health of your mother may also improve at this point of time. Many Gemini natives may also get to enjoy the materialistic comforts of life. On the familial front, everything will remain prosperous as a happy environment prevails in your family. Relatives will also come forward to help you with auspicious tasks. This transit will also prove to be quite beneficial for your health.

Additions may also be made to your share of the property during this time period, while some of you may buy a new property or vehicle. Additionally, your popularity in the society will increase.

2020 Virgo General Yearly Horoscope

As far as the love life of Gemini natives is concerned, you will be successful in communicating your feelings in front of your partner. The third house of Cancer natives will host the transit of Venus. This house is also known as the house of valour and courage.

It enlightens the natives about aspects like courage, will power, curiosity, passion, energy, excitement, and enthusiasm. During this period of time, your courage will increase and there will be a whole lot of passion in you to achieve something. It is most likely that your will power will also increase at this point of time. Luck will also remain by your side. On the personal front, your friend circle will increase and rivals will remain apprehensive in facing you.

It is quite likely that you may gain rewards which are economic in nature. Stature in the society will also increase. At workplace, colleagues will support you which will help you in moving ahead and above, professionally. Possibilities of obtaining profits from the government are quite high as well. Younger siblings will be the reason of your happiness and you will take interest in philanthropic activities such as donation.

However, Cancer natives are advised to invest their energy in the right direction and platform. The planet Venus will remain posited in your second house during its transitory motion. In the realm of astrology, the second house is considered the significator of aspects like family, speech, primary education, monetary resources, and many more. While Venus remains posited here in your zodiac sign, Leo natives may earn economic profits from various sources. Your health will also remain stable in this duration and it can be said that this transit will prove to be rather beneficial for your health.

Some of you can even go on a shopping spree to buy clothes, accessories, and electronic gadgets. This transit will also procure favorable results for love affairs while married natives may get blessed with the good news of a baby during this time. Meanwhile, student natives will do well in their exams. A remarkable magnetism will be a part of your character because of which your peers will get attracted to you. You may also take an interest in art and music. Your opponents will remain apprehensive of facing you.

Venus in Virgo: Devoted, Perfectionist, Service-Oriented

Due to the blessings of Venus, your familial life is also likely to prosper. Harmony and peace will prevail amongst family members. Remedy: Wear Arand Mool in your right arm on Friday. The transit of Venus is taking place in your zodiac sign only which means that your first or ascendant house will host this transit.

The first house is usually hailed as the house of self in the domain of astrology. During this time period, your behaviour will go through positive changes and due to the impact of Venus, your personality will become even more attractive. This will help you leave a good impression on the people belonging to the opposite gender. Other than this, you will primarily be governed by the planet Venus during this whole time.

As a result of this, your economic resources may get used up in buying beauty products, and other luxury and comfort goods. Erotic desires may take house in your mind because of which, you are advised to practice self control and keep a tab on such desires. Happiness and economic prosperity will arrive at your doorstep and your rivals will fear to face you.

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Do not get involved in any such task which may put a black mark on your respect and stature in the society. Unmarried natives may get involved in a romantic relationship. On the other hand, married natives may get blessed with a happy news of a baby. Students will pass with flying colours and natives who are associated with business will witness the inflow of prosperity in their business. For Libra natives, the transit of Venus will take place in your twelfth house. This particular house is also known as the house of expenditures in the realm of astrology.

While the transit of Venus is taking place in your twelfth house, you may stumble upon economic prospects. However, expenses may also remain on the higher side due to the placement of Venus in the house of expenditure. You may also gain benefits with the aid of your friends. During this period of time, you will enjoy all the luxuries and comforts of life and lead a happy life. Your mind may also get inclined towards erotic thoughts in this duration. Love Tips: You will have some exciting conversations with your partner. This may bring a new perspective to your relationship.

You will connect with people who are very interesting.