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If you are not sure of your Moon Sign, you can find it out instantly here.


When will you find your life partner? Where to find your soulmate?

Will your life partner from hometown or another locati How your career will progress in Plan your career moves as per the favorable movement of planets in your birth chart Do you know if your relationship is healthy? Besides the basics, here you can get your Janampatri, a Tarot quickie, and do Gun Milap.

And, no, I have no clue what that means.

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Yahoo Horoscopes -- Yes, Yahoo does a page of these. Interesting because if you do not like the ones from Horoscope. Funny how that works. Includes a daily "Cosmic Calendar" that is highly entertaining. Jill Goodman Style Magazine -- Stylishly-written sassy sort of breakdown that should appeal to trend-setting teens and New York women who think they are hip because they hang out at Strands. Goodman made a rep for herself when she was at Swoon.

Top tier in many ways.

The Rest. Jonathan Cainer -- The horoscope is presented as a kind of riddle or story to keep you baffled in hopes you'll buy a premium service. Somehow manages to push pop-up ads past blockers -- a bad sign itself.


Has something called the "Astro-Love" computer that should be a hit with New Age dingalings. AstroCenter -- A slick site, but when I compared its prediction to the others I did on the same day it was the most downbeat telling me to rest a lot. I suspect this is a great site for people who are looking for encouragement to relax a lot.

Detroit News Horoscope -- Wonder why newspapers in this country are in decline? Look no further. Actually this is the Sydney Omaar syndicated Horoscope found in newspapers across the country. Classic vague readings from Omaar. Very meaning for people who like to read too much into everything. At the bottom I love the disclaimer, "Should be read for entertainment.

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Short comments designed to get you to buy more stuff. Christopher Renstrom SF Chronicle -- Short vague, Chinese-Proverb-like approach that matches nothing else anyone else says or predicts.

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Easy access, readable. Listed under "Fun. Horoscope Universe -- This site has four different star rankings for you and a short horoscope jammed with stuff for sale. Scopes-Mart -- Fast, easy, to-the-point. This is a good no frills site with interesting results B.

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Rocky Horoscope LA Weekly -- Another to-the-point straightforward 'scope written with the alternative media audience in mind, dude. Daily Horoscopes -- These seem thin to me, throwaway stuff. By Alan Bridges. The pages are updated once a month to provide the most current and up-to-date links. If you find a link that is no longer active, please feel free to let us know. Click on the "Add a Site" link to contact us. All works remain the property of their original owners, and are reprinted with permission where possible.